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About Ginger CMS

While working for a CMS company during 2008, I studied many CMS products and noticed that a majority of them are not intuitive and user friendly. I ventured out with an idea to design an intuitive CMS using drag and drop functionality and developed a prototype in ColdFusion and jQuery. The prototype was a big success, but to maintain it across different browsers was difficult and time-consuming; hence, I shelved this project.

In year 2010, I started working on the WYSIWYG CMS design. In order to achieve a high performance, I choose ASP.NET / C# platform. Many thoughts have gone into the design of the Ginger CMS. The Ginger CMS has 3 sections Engine, support System and Database. The Engine is the heart of the CMS and it generates the pages on the fly. The page data is stored in the MSSQL Database and is totally portable. The beauty of the database architecture is that it enables the engine get all data associated with a page with just one database call. The support system helps maintain the data and admin interfaces.

Concepts like EF, Caching, LINQ, ADO.NET and Reflection have been used in the development of the Ginger CMS. The UI is simple, intuitive and user-friendly so that even a casual user can use it. I feel very proud of the product and find that it has come upto my expectations on the performance.

The Ginger CMS has been developed largely during my daily commute to Washington, DC on the Red Line Metro, and as a token of appreciation to the Metro, you will see Red Line Tracks in the Admin section. This release is a technology demonstrator and to continue to the full-fledged product, I still have a long way to go. I would like to invite you to try to explore the Ginger CMS and help me with your suggestions and improvements.

Ketan Jetty