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Suhit Homeopathy Center
Fairfax, Va 22033

Ketan Jetty dotCom
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Real Estate Application
A real estate application using Google Maps and Flex Grid.

Welcome to Ginger CMS

The future of content management systems

The System
Ginger CMS is an easy-to-use online Web Content Management System (Web CMS). It is designed to be very intutive so that even casual users can edit the content right on the page. The edit option converts a web page into WYSIWYG editor for online editing.

The Engine
The Ginger CMS Engine is a framework that is built on the ASP.NET 4.0 with C# technology. The engine uses modular data stored in hierarchies for a fast retrieval and page build process. Template level content is identified and cached for optimal performance. Page level data is retrieved per request and is displayed on the fly. We use an unique concept of storing the entire web site in MSSQL database for easy portability.

The Performance
We are able to achieve a very high performance and scalability due to some unique concepts used in database design and management. The database is designed to hold hierarchical data which allow retrieval of various components of a page with just one database call. Ginger CMS has been designed from ground up keeping in mind the performance at every stage of the development.

For a knock-out performance, scalability, ease-of-use, flexibility and power, Ginger CMS is the solution.